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System Shock 2016 (2017) PC torrent

13.10.2016, 15:26
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System Shock 2016 is a real masterpiece, which everyone knows a veteran, loves a good game projects. It is no secret that the rights to the game development has acquired a company called Night Dive, which said it was ready to create a new part of the Grand series and republishing already existing game series. What can we expect from this company, while not exactly clear, but there is a possibility to look at the first screenshots of the game, which, to put it mildly, not impressive. But it is possible that this is a view of the modern gamer, as the developers themselves, they tried to preserve the atmosphere, style and gameplay in its present form to please fans and lovers of nostalgia.

Despite the fact that the screenshots available on the game, do not forget that the project is at a very early stage of development, so it is worth considering the point that the game can change dramatically. Therefore, in order not to dampen expectations, better to wait for the first gameplay trailer that will show you how the game looks in reality.

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