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Terraria (2011) PC torrent

31.03.2018, 15:10
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Hard drive: 200 MB free space
Video card: 128 MB of video memory and support for Shader 1.1

Terraria-adventure indie platformer with elements of RPG and sandbox. Already such a rich name of the genre informs that the project is very fascinating and diverse. Indeed, it will travel the colorful world, to communicate with interesting NPCs, battle enemies, invent things, build structures, make excavations and to just enjoy life! Terraria is a retrographics and fun Tetris tunes, bright colors and funny characters. On the one hand, everything is simple, on the other — very difficult. In General, the gameplay is incredibly exciting, so there are more willing to download torrent Terraria.

Features Of Terraria:
- Before you go on an exciting journey, you need to create your own unique character. It is necessary to choose his appearance, as well as a set of tools that will help survive, develop and rebuild the mysterious world Terraria.
- The hero's Toolbox is very practical. It includes the axe needed for logging, a pick required in such a delicate matter, as mining, and the sword not once, not twice useful for protection from enemies.
- Before the hero Terraria is a lot of important tasks — from the collection of useful items that are useful in the private sector, and ending with the transformation of the world! Therefore, it is necessary to invent objects, dig deep into the ground, cut down forests... And to fight those who are trying to prevent!
- In the event of difficulties, the hero can ask for help from non — player characters — a wizard, a nurse or a merchant-of course, for an additional fee. However, before that you need to build them a special room. In General, all by myself, all by myself...
- Along with an interesting single player campaign in the game Terraria multiplayer mode is presented, which is largely similar to the single player, but carries two opposite features. On the one hand, to fight with real gamers is always more interesting than a computer. On the other hand, if the battle fails, more coins will be lost than in the fight against AI.
- Terraria so incredibly interesting that you appear constantly with various supplements. And the best part is that all these add-ons are free. Yes, the creators have taken care of the maximum comfort of gamers: by purchasing or downloading the game Terraria via torrent once, you can enjoy it in full!


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