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11.01.2018, 00:19
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DirectX: Version 11DirectX: Version 11

That was the long-awaited event, which has long been supposed to visit players. The team of developers of the popular online racing adventure announced that they are actively working on a new part. So soon the players will be able to enjoy new spaces in The Crew 2 will be more, offer more cars and probably will test your readiness tests. But do not relax, according to the developers, now the intensity of opposition will be much stronger and more unpredictable. So if you love racing entertainment, you should wait for the release and you can safely download The Crew 2 torrent free.

Features ze CRU:
1. Now the process of confrontation will become more simple and affordable. You will be able at any moment to enjoy the adventure and try to win. If you want to split the convoy, it remains only to act. Need to get away from the chase at any time for you can be a reward, etc.
2. Now the vastness of the game will be stretched so that you comute to enjoy the adventures and discover a lot of new and interesting variants of the study. Now you comute to ride across the expanses of the United States, to carefully study the landscape, to visit the memorial and popular places.
3. It's time to give the players the opportunity to enjoy the new spaces and opportunities in pumping. Tuning will get a lot of new parts and definitely not make you bored because your car will have to adjust to different situations and formats of racing, be it off road or drifting.
4. Now the gaming experience will be integrated with the mobile device and browser, so you can track the success of other players, receive notifications, even when you are offline, etc. Like social extension will certainly allow players to further explore the new opportunities and make the right decisions for their new achievements.


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