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15.11.2017, 00:32
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The Dark Inside Me has not yet emerged, but it is already possible to name the most famous Turkish horror game. For the production corresponds Akcay Charismac previously tried themselves in the role of filmmaker, of course, chose the horror genre, in 2014 he released his film "Reminiscence". The picture was well accepted in the IMDb rating was 6.1. It inspires confidence and to a new project. Plus, the game itself earned the attention of many due to trailers and the alpha version. Yes, great work has been done, and torrent download The Dark Inside Me, the first Chapter probably will be the end of 2016.

Akcay Charismac creates The Dark Inside Me for people over 18 who are ready to unprecedented many violent and sexual scenes. Yes, wishing to play must have a lot. Have them help the guy who once woke up on the breech bunk, besides chained her handcuffs and surrounded by officers of the law, wonder how this man after the incident alive. They believe that it would not stay, because he's got something very terrible. The hero himself is uncertain, he is guilty because he lost his memory. The plot is nothing elaborate, but promised that future events will be dynamic.

To observe and act from a third party. The main person and the other characters three-dimensional, and the environment, which includes buses, forests, buildings, etc., — pseudo. Now it's time to praise the detail. This is not an action, and puzzle quest-style point-n-click. In addition to the intelligence of the gamer, the Dark Inside Me will test his moral principles. Finding in her someone who seems guilty, in the end you can release or kill, and both may be accompanied by torture. Always knows how a certain decision will affect the fate of the hero. The voltage will last 6 chapters.


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