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The Lonely Island Survival (2018) PC torrent

03.10.2017, 21:24
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Game the LONE ISLAND SURVIVAL is waiting for you!
You are the only person living on the island, but this does not mean that you are alone. On this island lives a lot of monsters and zombies. You have no time to relax because some of them attack you at night and during the day you need to look for food and supplies, not to die from hunger. You can build your own house to protect themselves. You have to hunt, craft items, build your shelter and gather everything you can find to survive in the wild. The game is available on Windows and Mac, and download The Lonely Island Survival torrent you will be able in 2017.

Game features include:
- Wonderful graphics
- Many tools
- Lots of weapons
- Complex crafting system
- Huge scope for research
- Storage drawers
- Ability to extract resources
- Different types of animals
- A lot of enemies
- Change of day and night

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