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The Ship Remastered (2017) PC torrent

23.08.2016, 18:50
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Many developers thought about how to republish your game creation, but all they could find funding for it. One such developer was the company Blazing Griffin, which the owl has released an interesting game project called The Ship, which, though not became popular, but could form the backbone of the fans. Now the company is actively looking for support from fans to release The Remastered Ship that will get us back in this universe, but with some interesting improvements.

We remind you that the history of The Ship tells the story of how a squad of assassins went on a trip on a cruise ship. The journey promised to be long, but not so boring. It turned out that the kill squad has been specifically assembled on Board the ship to find out who of them is the best. Therefore, they need to calculate the other murderers and earlier be stopped until it's done. The problem is exacerbated by the huge number of people and that other killer in the situation. But the most interesting thing is that this game is the multiplayer, so other killers are real players.

You may ask, is it worth it to try to download the torrent The Remastered Ship if you played this game? We will tell you that Yes, you will find a complete processing of graphic design, new features, new ways to kill and support from developers who plan to release updates and new maps for such specific events. At the moment the project is on the Steam Early Access and needs support from users.

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