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Thief of Thieves (2018) PC torrent

13.01.2018, 01:55
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Sometimes projects become a tool of adaptation of the comics and in most cases, such activity has a positive effect overall on the game project. For example, today you have the opportunity to download Thief of Thieves torrent free project that is created based on the comic book of the same name. Now the fans of this universe will be able to learn a lot of new details that affect not only the main characters, but also villains.

The team from Skybound Entertainment together with a team of Rival Games has done a quality job. They revealed not only the history of the heroine Celia, but were able to create a pleasant environment that is fully interactive. The fact that the gameplay presented in the format of stealth. Players need to carefully monitor the location, explore every area and try to quietly accomplish all the goals. Thief of Thieves offers an unusual gameplay, tells a lot of interesting details, and enables each player to enjoy the story. It is time to return justice to this world despite the danger and complexity.


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