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29.12.2017, 01:50
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System requirements:


Windows 2000 / XP
Pentium 3 / Athlon XP 1.5 GHz or better
Any video card with 32 MB of memory
360 MB of free space

Ramiro Cruz was a truly worthy disciple of Paine, that all that can mentor, plus he invented a couple of his tricks. Special plot changes took place, the same insane shooting, that's only necessary to maintain the image, because "beauty" is made flip the hero gets extra points. To become a hero-a macho action movie, download torrent Total Overdose.

- Vibrancy and cruelty, cynicism and drive – it is the unshakable tenets of the GTA met in the game.
- To be invincible, you are only available the most crushing weapons – assault rifles, dynamite, shotguns, bazookas, and even a rake and a variety of surprises.
- In addition to the power of the weapons the hero can use various fighting techniques and tricks.
- The more techniques will be available to the character, the more chances he has to win.
- Music on high, it is appropriate for what is happening – from Control Machete, Delinquent Habits, etc.
- You can always use and transportation in the form of additional funds for the destruction of enemies – it could be like a truck, and the coolest car available tractors, the main thing – not to miss and catch the bumper of the enemy.


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