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Troll and I (2017) PC torrent

21.12.2017, 19:00
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5
Graphics card: 2GB of VRam, Nvidia 6 series
Disk space: 19 GB
Sound card: On board Motherboard

Did you know that the word "Troll" from Swedish translates as "charm"? In the game Troll and I the looks charming, but inside it is most pleasant in the world, what convinced one of the Scandinavian boy. He lost his house, was forced to go wander, but fate has not forgotten to show favor — gave to a friend.

The creators do not send us any old time — everything happens in the 1950s. To make it even more interesting, they made the co-op, multiplayer. Note that you have to manage as a huge and powerful Troll, and the small but nimble and agile boys. So they will fight as loud and quiet — stealth. In addition to melee weapons to use magic.

And who would want to resist? Supernatural creatures do not like humans and Vice versa, so the two unusual friends the enemy is among all. But you can meet companions even join the faction. This will facilitate the hard life in which you want to hunt, build weapons and other useful things, and therefore constantly traveling. By the way, on the way there are so-called gaping cracks that need to close to return to the world of beauty.


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