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Vestige of the Past (2018) PC torrent

25.10.2017, 22:31
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If you haven't experienced the new emotions of the game adventure, then it's time to digress a bit from the popular new products and look to more simple, but nevertheless high-quality and original projects, we are talking about the game Vestige of the Past from the company Fineway.

Vestige of the Past is a social survival simulator, ready to verify what you are willing to do for adventure as you are willing to do in a given situation and how you can act when it comes to food and personal prosperity. Special restrictions in the game, so players are free to do whatever you want, however, there is a system of karma and relationship to you, for that to closely, otherwise you may not pleasant moments.

The game takes place in the small town of Brno, in which you have to survive. You will need to cook, walk, work and drive a car and this is only the initial opportunity. The interesting point is the system of implementation of these ideas. For example, cooking requires many actions you could accomplish in life. To prepare the soup, first you need to cut to make the coffee, the ingredients and boiling water, etc. With all the elements you can interact and also can freely use. In General, no one and nothing you do not will limit, so I advise you to start the fun right now.

As for the plot of the adventure, the fact is that there is no information about this direction. The developers emphasize social survival, which will require a lot of time and provide a variety of opportunities in terms of realization. Yes, the developers plan to create as the single player adventure and a multiplayer confrontation. In any case, to play interesting and exciting.

In the future, the developers plan to improve your game project and add a lot of interesting ideas. The detail will improve, opportunities will expand, and users of all these moments to enjoy. If you want to be part of this community, then we suggest you simply download Vestige of the Past torrent free. Vestige of the Past is an innovative idea, which I'm sure many will like it, most importantly, be attentive to the question concerning the solution of various problems and don't forget to follow the news. Enjoy the game!


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