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Vikings Wolves of Midgard (2017) PC torrent

12.02.2018, 12:28
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: 3 Ghz Quad Core
Graphics card: 2GB ATI Radeon HD7970 or NVIDIA GeForce 2GB 770 or higher

Vikings are known for their unique legends, gods and the end of the world. Yes, that can occur in the Apocalypse, which they called Ragnarok, however, in contrast to other variants of the end of the world, this is artificial and caused by the giants who decide to go to Asgard and destroy the gods who took their place. Fire and ice giants are not going to stop and will destroy everything in its path for the sake of glory and rebellion. But do not forget about the Vikings themselves, who have great power and endless ambitions. And today, they will be the thin barrier between the gods and the giants. The fact that the clumsy giants decided to take the place where the village was formerly the Vikings, and survived them, now the Vikings intend to repel these creatures, create a new village and prepare for a new military campaign, especially this busy head of the settlement, the role of which you will take.

You have to fight alone with huge crowds of monsters and huge giants. During their adventures, you will be able to find treasures, weapons and other interesting artifacts that can be invested in your village, create a variety of facilities and raise these soldiers. Do not forget about the gods, worship which one can obtain blessings and to gain new strength. It remains only to decide on this adventure and try to do everything for the sake of victory. A new game in the genre of PRG is waiting for its heroes.


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