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03.03.2018, 22:16
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System requirements:


OS: Windows Vista or Above
Processor: 32/64 bit, Intel I5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Disk space: 500 MB

This is a mixture of urban simulator and adventure action, made in a cubic style. Build cities or destroy them. Open your own firm or Rob an existing one. Make the life of your citizens happy or unbearable. Build your real estate Empire or just drive around the city making a mess. It's your choice! Voxel Turf will allow you to both build and destroy everything that comes in your way.

- Were there cases when you are playing the open world game, I regret nothing in it to build?
- Or when you started a town-planning simulator and regretted that you can't drive around the constructed city?
- Or when you built a building in the game, but were upset knowing that no one would use it?
If you know all this, Voxel Turf is perfect for you!

Live in a city created by your hands
- Build your own city from scratch or use one of the templates with more than 50 pre-built buildings!
- Build outstanding buildings using more than 15 thousand units, which are sorted by categories 100.
- Or simply live in a procedural generated city

Get rich in any way
- Earn money by completing missions, committing crimes or engaging in the sale of real estate.
- Negotiate with members of the local mafia to protect your business.
In some missions you have to:
- To become a hired oppositionist against the authorities in exchange for a decent amount
- Participate in street races for the big Cush
- Steal cars and sell them
- To destroy the criminals and to protect citizens from the attacks of robbers
- To become a professional architect, who makes his project different buildings

Immerse the world in chaos
- Destroy any buildings with explosives, several types of weapons and tanks.
- Try to download Voxel Turf via torrent for free and drive a huge number of vehicles, including cars, tanks, helicopters and even a shopping cart!


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