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13.10.2017, 00:17
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Voxelaxy (combination of two words: voxel and the galaxy) - is a survival simulator in space, where the player will have to play the role of an astronaut. His spaceship, "Mouse", was destroyed after being hit by a rocket, and he had emergency landing on an unknown planet. Using a limited set of tools, you have to survive in a hostile world. Oxygen on the planet is almost there, as well as food... are You ready?

Unknown planet
You have landed on an unknown planet. What to do next? You already have some kind of a plan? The in-game map is randomly generated, so each player will have his own unique world. How will you use what you got?

In Voxelaxy planet unsuitable for human life, so you have to survive against all odds. This world is full of minerals, resources and monsters. You should always be alert. Your first steps after you have downloaded via torrent Voxelaxy will affect all the passage, but because every decision you make should be balanced.

Astronaut can survive several days without food and hours without water, but even 2 minutes without oxygen can lead to death. I understand that you can't wait to start crafting weapons and the discovery of new technologies, but first focus on the creation of oxygen.

Resource extraction
On an unknown planet is a huge number of minerals, the extraction of which needs to focus in the first place. Without this, you won't be able to stretch on the planet. For resource extraction use the drill, and try not to break and not to lose it, because then you will remain with your bare hands on an alien planet.


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