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Wolfenstein The New Order 2 (2017) PC torrent

15.02.2016, 02:16
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The news that Bethesda Softworks intends to hold the announcement of their projects for a couple of days before the exhibition allows fans to compile a list of probable games that will be developed by this Studio.

One such project could be Wolfenstein The New Order 2. The source of the rumors was an interview given by actress Alicja of Bachleda-CURus in the past voiced Anya Oliwa (this was the first reason to think that we are working on the game Wolfenstein The New Order 2). The actress revealed that working on a computer game (fact number 2), and, based on the phrase – "I've already done the first part of the work, and now we are working on a second" – this can be considered to be fact 3. Well, the last was the news that the work is performed in the U.S. (recall that the actress from Poland) – Bethesda offices located in the USA, although the creators of the original game MachineGame is located in Sweden.

The first part Wolfenstein The New Order – have won the acclaim of gamers and critics, as evidenced by the level of sales of the game, when during the first seven days after the release of the project in the UK has become the second best selling (first place belonged to Titanfall). After that financial gain won't last in the reasons why you should release a sequel, and the developers openly expressed their thoughts about what they have a desire to create a sequel, and that is remarkable – there is already a work plan.

It remains to wait when the day will come and we'll all be able to buy or download torrent Wolfenstein The New Order 2.

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