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10.06.2018, 17:47
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System requirements:


Operating system: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Video card: 512Mb-1024 Mb / nVIDIA / ATI Radeon®
Sound card: DirectX® 9.0 Sound device
Free hard disk space: 16 GB

World of tanks-a client-based massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of the Second world war, developed by the Belarusian Studio

Why download torrent world of tanks version 9.11? In the game World of tanks players are included in the battle immediately, without prior games in single player mode. Initially, the player gets at his disposal one tank of the first level of each nation: the USSR (MS-1), Germany (strong tower.), USA (T1 Cunningham), France (Renault ft), China (NC-31), Japan (Renault Otsu) — light tanks, UK — medium tank (vickers meter mark I) with fully trained crew. Participating in the battles, the player earns "credits", trains the crew and accumulates experience points to gain access to new nodes and combat vehicles.

Each model of armored vehicles has a number of units — gun, tower, chassis, engine and radio station-which can be replaced with more advanced samples. Upgrades of equipment are made in" hangar " in intervals between fights. "Loans" are spent on repair of the damaged tank, purchase of ammunition, consumables and additional equipment; they are also purchased advanced components and new combat vehicles. Unused equipment, ammunition and tanks can be disposed of at half their original cost.

Feature of game:
Your car — not just armored gun on tracks. It is a living, constantly evolving creature that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. The experience and credits earned in battles will allow you to explore and buy more advanced elements for your "war horse", thus improving its original characteristics.

Unique models of tanks, to the smallest detail recreated by real-life prototypes, allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of tank battles of the Second world. All tank upgrades are available in strict accordance with historical realities.

Command operations to detect and eliminate enemy tanks, as well as sudden collisions with the enemy, will require you to lightning-fast response and fast, effective action.

The mobile camera can turn the game from a third-person action into a full-fledged shooter, allowing you to destroy enemies in both normal and sniper mode.

In the "world of tanks" there is a simple rule: do not act mindlessly. Proper distribution of roles and effective planning of joint actions are the key to the overall success


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