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Adventure Games PCPopular game genre that attracts many gamers with an exciting plot and develops his mental faculties, is a Quest (Quest). In English language this word means search. In the process game the gamer is in constant tension and solving different puzzles and tasks. The result of his logical reasoning is the answer complicated story.

Passing the challenging levels of the game in the genre of adventure, where the hero deliberately knocked up, you need to make incredible mental abilities. But the harder the task, the more satisfaction you get from it! Quests come in a variety of areas: the Detectives (Detective), action (Adventure, Jorney), Puzzle (Puzzle Quest), hidden object (Hidden Object). In the latter case the player must in the game to find hidden on the monitor items (clothes, accessories, etc.). Things can be hidden behind other objects, or disguised as the surrounding background. Such games in the genre as Adventure and Detective takes the gamer to the world of mysteries and exciting adventures, where it is necessary by comparing the facts, conjectures, and logical reasoning to solve the mystery. Puzzles will surely appreciate the fans of mental stress.

Combine all directions is a fascinating story and many logical problems. On our web-site adventurous and bold personality will be able to find many of detective, romantic, stories, exciting adventures, tricky puzzles in the style of the Quest. We are the most popular games Quest, which may be downloaded without registration. » Adventure

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