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08.05.2018, 14:12
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP3 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 compliant video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 850 MB available space

There are many games about the nuclear post-Apocalypse. This theme became hit in 1997 when the first part of Fallout came out and is still super popular. No wonder that games of this kind are sometimes full of stamps. But only not 60 Seconds! It should be called a sort of humorous cartoon in which, however, you can control the main character — Ted, previously unremarkable head of the family. It, rather, the entire game 60 Seconds created by Polish Studio Robot Gentleman. Of course, independent and otherwise to give such an imagination it was difficult. Download torrent 60 Seconds is possible now with us.

Ted lives in the 1950s, so he knew all about the nuclear danger. Really didn't know what catastrophe will happen unexpectedly. On training there is only 60 seconds! During this time, you need to hide your family in a mini-bomb shelter and grab things that will help survive. Of course, the game won't stop in a minute. Next comes a long stage wait danger. His success just depends on what became a stock, and those who spend post-apocalyptic time with Ted. And someday you'll have the opportunity to go outside. Everything has changed, for example, cockroaches have mutated and become huge. But there is something to do...

Features 60 Seconds 2015:
- 60 Seconds-small but proud (as independent) and fun relative of the Fallout series!
- One virtual nuclear disaster is clearly not going to end — there is a procedural generation, so you can replay endlessly.
- Taken, taken, you will have to survive thanks to a hastily compiled set of objects. Therefore it is better to keep in mind some plan.
- At one point up the need to get out of the mini-shelters. Outside a lot of mutants and little (almost no) food.
- Allow yourself to download the game 60 Seconds via torrent and help Ted survive the nuclear strike.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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