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A Poison Green (2018) PC torrent

06.12.2017, 01:55
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The time has come to plunge into some interesting adventures, which are associated with the Apocalypse, but not the one which is due to war or terrorism, and those that emerged in the results of the death of nature. This time you have to go in 2070, when the planets began to experience problems with his nature and demanded proper attitude from people who gradually began to die from lack of oxygen and a safe environment.

The game is called A Poison Green and in it you have to play for three people, one of whom is a history Professor, the other is just to the unemployed, and the third a journalist. Each of them will open up a lot of big secrets about the situation in the world and will try somehow to solve it. But will it have to confront such terrible power of mass destruction? You will have an unforgettable adventure, only if you decide to download A Poison Green torrent free. Try to unlock the secrets and find at least a small hope for salvation.


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