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11.10.2017, 22:38
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If you enjoy outdoor adventure and exploration, then it's time to enjoy interesting game project called Among Us, which is still under active development, but is already striking in their gaming highlights, and especially the trailer, which reveals all the nuances of the narrative and visually shows what we should expect in the future. And waiting for you huge virtual world populated by monsters and small settlements. Given that the game will evolve in the Holy land of Babylon, expect a large presence of religion and thematic battles.

Yes, do not think that religion will restrict any interaction, religion will be your faith and weapons that will allow you to believe in yourself and to fight with horrible creatures. But the most interesting will be lurking in the plot, which will closely examine the formation of power in this world and the true causes of the appearance of the monsters and evil. Yet the gameplay and battles were not disclosed, but one can see that the world is rich, interesting and quite original. And this is to miss in any case impossible, so we recommend patience and try to understand what is happening.

And to be able to play this game, just wait for release and then to Among Us download torrent free from our site. Just note that the game will certainly haunt of criticism and indignation, because it touches on delicate subjects of religion and its future use. The joke here is not so simple, as each military action will be seen as a crime. But as practice shows, the sneer at times caused great popularity of the game. So to bury the game before its release is not necessary, perhaps Among Us will break into the leaders and allow us to enjoy a completely new original adventure, which for sure will appeal to many fans of virtual worlds. The time has come personally to go to Babylon and see how glorious and lively he was at the forefront of its creation. We wish you a pleasant game!


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