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13.11.2017, 18:04
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BlackAwe is a development Studio called MGS. Guys only comprehend the vastness of the game universe, therefore we see immediately a technical problem and the simplicity of the product, but nonetheless, they are not bad. This time they decided to provide the gaming market is a horror first-person in terms of the dark abandoned hospital.

In BlackAwe you have to be a simple guy named Mike, who went to investigate this hospital as received a disturbing letter from a friend. Despite the warnings and the danger, Mike's not going to give up and not only wants to reveal the secret of this place, but also to find a friend. An adventure filled with darkness, secrets and mysteries that in the end will become the links of a large chain whole story. To go on a trip with Mike, just download BlackAwe torrent free. But remember, everyone who went to the hospital, disappeared, leaving behind only a few blood stains. Be careful!


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