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18.12.2017, 22:42
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System requirements:


OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3
CPU: 2 GHz
DirectX: 9.0
Disk space: 700 MB
Additional notes: minimal screen resolution 1280x720

It's a survival simulator with elements of RPG and adventure games, which is the sequel to DEAD IN BERMUDA.

You have to control Eric and his family, which were in unknown lands.
Follow their physical and mental health, explore the island, build a camp and connect with other inhabitants of the island. Some will help you, others will not be so friendly...
Try to download Dead In Vinland via torrent just for free and discover the mystical secrets of Vinland. This will help you survive... or will lead to your demise.

  • Detailed simulation of survival: Keep track of physical and mental health of your team, distribute food, and give them daily tasks.
  • Elements of strategy: think Carefully about all your actions, in order to adapt to the situation! Events occur randomly, and therefore prepare in advance for each of them you are unlikely to succeed, you have to act on the go.
  • Increase your team of up to 14 playable characters. Your decisions will affect the relationship between the characters and the plot. You are waiting for the novels, hate and betrayal!
  • The emerging camp: Use more than 150 upgrades that will help you survive on this damn island.
  • Wrestling with nature: You have to face the terrible storms and drought. Try to save drinking water!
  • Open to explore the island: More than 150 locations, keeping the secrets of the island, a nonlinear story and maybe Other survivors.
  • A full RPG system: Used items, pump skills, the ability to raise the levels of character and improve their characteristics.

    We started a great series of game Dead In Bermuda. From the beginning we wanted to create a world which would fit all the games in the series. If you played the DiB, you've probably noticed... Strange... Things. Which is never explained. Some of these hints we will explain in the DiV, but it's not a direct sequel but a spiritual successor to the first part with the same gameplay and story.

    Each of the games are completely independent, and you won't miss out if you do not play in the DiB, but over time you will notice common items that link the universe.

    As for the gameplay, we used the same elements as in the DiB, but in the DiV, each of them has been improved: in the game, more characters, more stories, more in-depth survival mechanics, more items to craft, more locations to explore... And other surprises!

    CCCP is a small French Studio. For over 10 years we have created learning games, but now we want to focus on designing games that are interesting to ourselves especially in the genre of MANAGEMENT and RPG with NARRATIVE elements. We want to make CLEVER and EXCITING games of HIGH QUALITY for SINGLE PLAYER where you have to THINK independently and EXPLORE the world.
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