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DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders (2019) PC torrent

19.02.2019, 20:05
DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders (2019) poster

System requirements:


OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 GHz) or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: GeForce GT 430( 1024 MB) / Radeon HD 6850 (1024 MB)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 3 GB

A new heroic dragon and his rider fly into the sky, and only you can help them defeat the evil enemies that destroyed the shelter of dragons created by Hiccup and Toothless. When the island of Haverholm were found in the ruins, the mysterious survivor has emerged as an incredible future characters. The Scribbler is a scientist who does not remember his past, and the patch is the unique dragon race, "chimerican", which faced a new and unexpected forces that they both discovered during his journey. Together, they must explore new Islands, fight formidable foes, and piece together lost memories to uncover the strange truth behind patch's origins and why villain air will stop at nothing to catch him again.

Get ready for a story of fire and friendship you'll never forget. Meet your favorite characters of the company "DreamWorks", such as Hiccup, Astrid, Gobber and many others. Do quests in places like the Mountain Rolls, along with new Islands, such as Isle of the red Rose. Rise up against the ferocious masters of dragons and defeat the dragon hunters who will stop at nothing to catch patch. Unlock more hidden amazing abilities of patch to free the caught dragons and stop air and her insidious plans. During your adventure you will realize that there is still one thing that is stronger than the last chimeraman: the relationship between dragon and its rider.

Feature of game:
  • NEW ADVENTURE: Recover lost memories of the Hacks by making friends with Patch, the last hybrid dragon
  • BATTLE: Open a powerful force and take the challenge from formidable opponents
  • EXPLORE: Fly to new and familiar places, such as Ravenholm, Mountain rollers and the Isle of the red Rose
  • SOLVE the PUZZLE: swap the Scribbler and his dragon patch to overcome all obstacles

  • Mount image
  • Install
  • Copy the tablet from the PLAZA folder (on the image) to the folder where the game is installed
  • Play
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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