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25.12.2017, 00:29
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War often becomes the object of attention from developers, and the game Kapia is no exception. The history of this project tells about how the world was divided into East and West, which the vehemently hated each other. At first it wasn't so bad, was the propaganda and the conflict parties just swore at each other, but there was a turning point and they started the war. Fierce fighting plunged the world into chaos and now the Land has turned into a real post-Apocalypse with the current war. Not to worry, to fight you don't need, as you take on the role of an eccentric character, who tries to decipher the mysterious message, able to stop the war and restore peace.

The world Kapia surprised by its imagination, attractiveness, and other delights of the game. Download Kapia torrent free will be immediately after the release of the game project. It remains only to calculate all the possibilities and try to make the right decisions. The mechanical cat, a lot of non-standard characters, puzzles, cold calculation, and more. All these things reflected in game adventure and will surely allow you to achieve a good result. In the meantime, we encourage you to simply wait and prepare for the interesting and unpredictable adventure.


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