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31.07.2016, 15:05
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Animation Arts has announced the release of a new project, Lost Horizon 2, the release of which has already taken place in Germany (with localization only in German). In connection with the translation of games into other languages, the release in other countries, postponed to 2 October. Available platform to launch originally was PC only, so owners of personal computers will be able to download a torrent Lost Horizon 2 with us.

- the storyline continues the events unfolding in the first part. Fenton Paddock, the main protagonist of the game, this time to rescue their friends and loved ones. It's a noble lesson, you will there are many secrets, mysteries and, of course, dangerous moments. By the time of the events in the game selected 40-50 of the last century.
- there is a place for mysticism, which is undoubtedly present in the kidnapping of the family of the protagonist, and the filaments are drawn from the past of the Paddock.
- and some of the inner content of the game is to design it was used the Unity 5 engine, which according to developers is able to recreate a perfect 3D images, with well-researched detail.

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