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08.07.2018, 23:51
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows XP SP3 or later
Processor: 2 GHz
Video Card: 512 MB
Hard drive space: 2 GB

In April last year, bill tiler and gene moxie, who gave the world the quest reference game the Curse of Monkey Island and the Dig, presented a new project for iOS — Perils of Man, dedicated to the terrible family secret Eberling. However, only the first episode was released. First, the developers planned to release a second in March of this year,but later decided to present the full version of the exciting detective quest. And not only for "Apple" gadgets, but also for personal computers running on Mac and Windows platforms. The release is scheduled for April 28.

The name Perils of Man can be translated as "human Danger" or "Human risk". The main character is 16-year-old Ana Eberling. More than 10 years ago, her father went missing. Time helped the girl to survive the terrible tragedy and come to terms with the loss, but it is the same time, returned the disturbing feelings — in his 16th birthday Ana received a gift from... father's. This turn of events makes the girl take up the solution to this mystery. In the process of investigating the young heroine to learn a lot of new and terrible about his family.

Colorful graphics, reminiscent of cartoons by the famous Director Tim Burton, elements of fantasy and steampunk, as well as an intriguing story that promises to reveal the ancient secrets of the Eberling family, make the game more than exciting and make you wait impatiently. However, the wait is not long. By the way, the creators of the project promised that they will present an updated game, significantly improved in terms of gameplay.


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