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09.12.2016, 16:52
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Nice to see the developers actively inspired by various literary universes and authors of books focused on science fiction. A bright example of active collaboration of literature and the virtual world will become the game project called Project Elea, which will send players into deep space and forced to become part of the artificial intelligence, which will depend on the life of the protagonist.

The development of the game Project Elea deals Kyodai Bulgarian company, which decided to release his creation specifically for virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, however, recently they decided that owners of personal computers will want to contemplate this creature, and now they are even thinking about release, especially for game consoles. It only remains to wish the developers of patience and teamwork, as these works will require a lot of energy.

Regarding the history of the game Project Elea, in it players take on the role of a young girl by the name of Elea, which became a prisoner of the spacecraft. She woke up in one of the cabins of the ship, completely not understanding anything and without the ability to remember. Gradually she learns that the ship she is the only survivor, and artificial intelligence Kazumi is the only way to be saved from imminent death. Thus, Eleya must not only save Kazumi from encroachment of other AI in order to recover his memory, which will allow us to understand the truth of the situation.

Project Elea is a fantastic adventure in the first person, which will keep members in suspense until the very end, unless of course they will be able to reach it.

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