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Redum of Sun (2018) PC torrent

25.10.2017, 21:21
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Redum of Sun is a fresh breath of air for all the fans of adventures in first person. At this time you have to go to conquer fairy world that fell under the onslaught of the moon God. He began to build various temples, portals and wreak havoc, and you have to clean it from your lands. Coming an epic battle between a deity and an ordinary magic warrior who wins this fight? The answer is not so difficult, only need to download Redum of Sun torrent free and you can go into battle.

1. The game implements the rapid battles, leveling and personal connection of the hero with the weapon.
2. You will be confronted with unusual enemies, which would not have a soul and represent the usual fighting spirits. Only we should not underestimate them as they are quite unable to fend for themselves.
3. To study available spacious open-world.
4. The time has come to step over your fears and challenge the gods. Enemies will be strong to fight alone, but to retreat in any case impossible.
5. Discover the secrets of this world and try to understand why he became the target of deity, where live and all that can be corrected, being the chosen hero.


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