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Redwall The Warrior Reborn (2018) PC torrent

29.10.2017, 20:17
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System requirements:


OS: Windows
CPU: Intel Core i3 - 2125 or AMD FX-9800p (~4100 PassMark Score)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 295 or Radeon HD 4850 (~1000 PassMark Score)
DirectX: 9.0
Disk space: 2 GB

The Scout is the first episode in games the mini-series The Warrior Reborn, which is set in the world of the bestseller "Redwall" authored by Brian Jakes.

The first three episodes of The Reborn Warrior will describe the events of the book, as well as what happened 6 months before that, but with a brand new point of view. They will tell stories about three heroes who for personal reasons found themselves in the Abbey Redwall that is attacking Clooney Whip. In this difficult situation the three strangers quickly become friends and play an important role in the events that lead Martin the warrior, to Matthias and puts an end to the misdeeds Clooney Whip.

The Scout, the first episode in the series, is an adventure stealth game during the winter preceding the summer of the Late Rose. It tells the story of a mouse who was in the Abbey Redwall after sea rats attacked a peaceful village of Lily Grove. The action of the Scout happens near an ancient river bed of moss. But the once wide river turned into a small stream which flows from East to West between Abbey Redwall and the Great South stream, which feeds the swamps to the South and East of Salamandastron. The player must find a path through the winding snow-covered channel, random intermittent hedgerows, ancient stone walls, rickety shacks and a few huts of foresters friendly.

In the course of the adventure you are waiting for a feast, fun and even a few fisticuffs with Valo Scrimper – mysterious hero in a Cape, living in Vince rice, and cruel Skarsnuten. And the moment is lost last hope, you have come to the aid of a Ghost.

Episodes 2 and 3, called The Miner and The Archer accordingly, tells the story about the squirrel and the mole got its reason in Redwall, and the action will unfold during spring and early summer.


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