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The Crown of Leaves (2018) PC torrent

13.01.2018, 00:32
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP
CPU: 1.66 GHz
RAM: 513 MB of RAM
DirectX: 9.0
Disk space: 238 MB

If you love quests, then you should pay attention to the game called The Crown of Leaves, which tells an unusual story about the race Sahas. These creatures have the appearance similar to wolves and foxes, and they are known for achievements in the field of mysticism and technology. Today you will plunge into their world and take on the role of one of the characters, which for a long time had problems with understanding and decided to radically change his life. If you decide to download The Crown of Leaves torrent free, you will be able to learn the amazing story of the people and find out whether the main character to achieve his goal or not.

All of the people
Despite the fact that Sahas is a completely different race, passion and intrigue they are no worse than human. You will be introduced to many heroes who live a normal life, want to love and achieve recognition. Someone will be able to find a common language, and someone on the contrary, to reproach and condemn the main character. But nevertheless, you will be able to freely interact with each of them and gradually discover pieces of the story.

1. Complete freedom of action in terms of communication. You can make friends and can randomly gain enemies. The main tool of interaction will be a fellowship where every word has its weight.
2. The game has many different puzzles, try to solve them all.
3. If the situation seems quite complicated, try to use magical artifacts that will help to get out of the situation, but you need to find them in the vastness of the world.
4. Carefully study the world of the game, its expanse you will find a lot of interesting and unusual.
5. Do not have to be a positive character, no one stops to depart from moral principles.


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