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The Endless Cylinder (2017) PC torrent

02.04.2016, 17:23
The Endless Cylinder (2017) poster

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Channel Chilean company ACE Team YouTube in July 6, appeared the trailer for the game The Endless Cylinder. Interestingly, the development of their own leads one of the founders of the Studio Carlos Bordeaux. If a person is involved in projects such as Zeno Clash and Abyss Odyssey, takes on the case, he should definitely wait for something interesting! For example, the story of a strange alien creature with a trunk, bulging eyes and two big feet. That's about it-and will be discussed in The Endless Cylinder.

Interestingly, the body shape of the game character resembles the egg from which he had come. It is interesting to study and color. And indeed the whole world The Endless Cylinder very entertaining. Its integral part are a giant mouth, sonographic and other extremely colorful beasts that threaten to destroy our virtual ward... Carlos Bordeaux offers a game in which first of all you need to survive. He said that the project may have changed significantly. While actively being developed, so the maker is in no hurry to announce a release date.

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