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05.11.2017, 00:14
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It's a surreal puzzle that tells the story of two friends – Arina and Frendt trapped in a mysterious world full of wonderful Islands. The player can travel back in time to reveal the secret of each island-garden, simultaneously learning about childhood, friendship and growing up the main characters.

The game Between The Gardens called "the simplest of all deep games" (portal 2017).
This project was shown at several game festivals, award ceremonies and exhibitions, including the Indie MEGABOOTH (PAX East), Out of Index, ACMI and BIC Fest.

About the Studio the Voxel Agents
Team Voxels Agents creates wonderful games, which attract by their originality. The Studio is located in Melbourne and was founded in 2009 by Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark and Tom Killen that I appreciate most in games addictive gameplay and interesting stories, so download The Gardens Between torrent is all.


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