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The Last Campfire (2019) PC torrent

10.02.2019, 18:20
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Despite the fact that Hello Games still with great difficulty were able to release a full-fledged and modified No Man's Sky, some employees of the company managed to work on a new project, which is gradually preparing for release. This time the game is called The Last Campfire, which will now be a simple indie project. The story of the game tells about a small character named Ember, who got lost in the big world and is now looking for the way home. It remains only to wait for the release of the game and the Last Campfire torrent download.

The game promises to be very cute and interesting, especially it should be noted cute characters. During the journey, the main character will meet a variety of animals and creatures that are also lost in this world. To help them or not, you decide, just consider the consequences of your decisions. Ahead of you are great adventures that are sure to be remembered for a long time, as the story here is touching and very interesting. Release will take place very soon and immediately after you can easily download the game The Last Campfire with us.

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