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10.01.2018, 15:47
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The Last Night — platformer about the future, how close, judge for yourself: the main character lives in a world where people prefer leisure to work, or rather, forced to choose, because human efforts are valued little by society, all make developed robots that are stronger, smarter and even more creative. Many Homo Sapiens with an easy life for the soul — play, Yes play!

Most like it, especially because the incomes of different strata of society level, but not all. The main character among the latter. Because not only is he at the bottom of the social (full of sameness not arrived), but got injured, which made it immune to mass values, to all this cyber stuff. In this space he is bad. And here comes the chance to influence what is happening.

The game can be called a cyber-Noir. In General, it is very cinematic, even more precisely — multinica because the graphics are not detailed, but in pixel style. But this pseudo-3D picture can captivate. Yeah, that's great that you can play in the resolution of "four ka". And by the way, the game was announced, in fact, in honor of the Xbox One X and it happened at E3. This is exclusive for this console, but many can exhale version of Windows will be. The release is scheduled for 2018. So wishing to download The Last Night will have to be patient.

The game was invented and conceptualized during the six day jam. The authorship belongs to the brothers of sorø. They described their project as "blade Runner", combined with a delicious pixel-art. Also the inspiration of the creators have provided the games Another World, Flashback, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Working on The Last Night, the brothers found like-minded people and opened a Studio Odd Tale. Her debut decided to publish the Raw Fury Games. And the announcement took the Corporation Microsoft. This gives us confidence that the project is not delayed.


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