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The Lost Pisces (2017) PC torrent

16.02.2016, 02:20
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In the gaming industry, there are developers who are inspired by the classic fairy tales and then create something amazing. In particular, talking about the Studio Sirenum and their Digital project, The Lost Pisces (can be translated as "Lost fish"). The team enthusiastically read "the little Mermaid" by Andersen, and then created his own occupant of the ocean. It's a girl-robot, which is gradually waking up. In the end, she goes in search of the soul.

Heroine to explore not the usual water space and high-tech. Humanity has filled their complex systems. The inhabitants of these towns at the bottom will obstruct the futuristic the little mermaid. Not without battles. They say that they will not be standard, it is worth to wait for something in the spirit of Shadow of the Colossus. And how long to wait? Not less than one and a half years. Yes, download The Lost Pisces via torrent need because the game has been under development for three years, with only four people, but Finance is not enough. Therefore, the expected spring campaign on Kickstarter.

If you go from lyrics to physics, he will add that the role of the engine is Unreal Engine 4, and this ensures stunning graphics! Plus refers to support for Kinect. If money is sufficient, should appear the version for PS4, Xbox One, and announces a possible Oculus Rift support. In any case Sirenum Digital promises astonishing artificial intelligence with memory function.

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