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Twelve Minutes (2017) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 16:45
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Puzzle game, in which all limited in time. The plot is very interesting Aaron, the main character developing events, comes to his home and then he has very little time to figure it all out. Wife busy about their business in the bathroom, in the kitchen food for dinner...everything was ordinary, until comes the police with the accusation of Sarah in the Commission of a crime.

The game features Twelve Minutes:
- The player is given 12 minutes to explore the apartment in search of answers before coming a police officer and again and again and again...
Every time, appearing again in the house, you can discover something new.
- Only three rooms – bedroom, bathroom and living room, lots of different items that you can use, each with its own characteristics.
- There are hidden objects, revealing the secret of what is happening that leads you to success and end the time loop.

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