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06.12.2017, 01:44
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Returning to the theme of horror, which is able to make shudder anyone who dares to pass it. Today we present to your attention a game called Weeping Doll, which you have to visit a large mansion, steeped in fear, horror and dolls. At first glance, everything as usual, however, the enemies this time will not be ghosts or monsters, but ordinary doll, who came into this world to avenge the wrongs of their owners.

You have to take the role of an ordinary housekeeper, who has witnessed the unpleasant spectacle associated with live dolls. Now to end this nightmare and stay alive, the girl must solve many different puzzles to try to find the path of right action and just be careful, because the fight against the dolls, especially if they have enormous power.

Download Weeping Doll torrent free right now, but it is worth remembering that this project touches on the mythology of Japanese spirits that can be confusing the first adventure. But if you will explore all these nuances and will be able to understand the meaning, then you will find the most memorable horror story in the vast virtual world.


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