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Bad Piggies (2013) PC torrent

28.10.2016, 21:05
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Bad Piggies is a virtual adventure about the vile pigs from the angry birds universe, however, this time the user is waiting for an independent adventure that will allow you to learn the history of pigs and offer to help them in the hunt for the eggs of birds.

Besides the eggs, the pigs have to collect various bonuses, to pass the test and show the owl's skill in creating different inventions. So, for example, they are able to create huge robots that can not only move quickly, but also to fly, and pigs turned out to be interesting and original inventors, so you should give them their due and take their role for yourself.

You will find more than 140 levels, the different ways the passage and the endless adrenaline fun. Each level can be played several times, with each new attempt boosting the performance and gaining various bonuses. In addition to all the advantages, it is worth noting that the download Bad Piggies via torrent need all, as the game was really interesting, entertaining and educational game. In the game you have to personally create various inventions under manual materials, and it is worth a lot. Good game!

Features of the game project:
- universal gameplay;
- interesting and attractive graphics;
- a huge set of different levels;
- wide selection in terms of creating their vehicles;
- a wide range of tests and tasks;
- positive sound.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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