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Quest Games PCOne of the most popular categories of games is the quest. This genre of games is a puzzle to pass the level you need to find a solution, solve a mystery, find a hidden treasure, a treasure or just a thing. And then additionally find the application-selected things.

All people of all ages like to download Quests via torrent 2021 and 2020, as these games cover a wide audience. Basically, the essence of the quest is to find something, whether it be abilities or just bring the neighbor into a fury. In some games, the search can be supplemented with a variety of mini-games, solve puzzles, folding puzzles, gathering pebbles, sometimes fights, and therein lies the appeal of quests is that they combine several genres.

The management in the same genre of games of the regular – it's point and click, if the item is highlighted, then this is what you need. Sometimes can be used and other buttons, but the basic principle like this. Across the line game, the user needs to find a solution, and the solution can be only one and clearly laid out by the developer (sometimes there are deviations from this line, but mostly just one). Sometimes during the game there are various monsters, which have to win, otherwise do not go further – the quest – "the monsters attacked, kill them." The difficulty in this genre is rarely regulated, sometimes you can set the difficulty of the enemy (monsters), but no more.

By themselves, the mini games that form the basis of the quest rarely find lovers, the quest is interesting when it is coupled with something, for example, an interesting storyline, there are locations/worlds to explore, advanced are videos that explain what is happening and so on. Multiplayer in the same genre is rarely used, the quests are passed mostly alone. Now no need to search long for a game with the Russian language, because we have only Russian quests which are distributed for free. » Quest

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