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02.11.2017, 20:51
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Scuttlers is an asymmetrical multiplayer platformer in which you have to participate in the race, full of traps and obstacles. In each race the players are either runners or leaders.

The goal of each round is simple: runners must reach the end of the map, and the leaders – to stop them using their capabilities. And at the end of the round, players get points for all of the techniques that they used. Whoever gets the most points after the last round is the winner.

- Multiplayer for 2-8 players
- Race for the hand-drawn maps, which are full of obstacles like platforms, chainsaws and more
- The ability to summon meteors, the currents of wind and mines to stop enemies
- The ability to raise crystals, giving a temporary improvement like the shields or kits
- Use all your characters skills to create the most effective combo


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