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31.05.2016, 18:44
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 100 MB available space

Studio with the original "sonorous" name Capybara Games has announced its project called Below. Gameplay is full of battles with the warriors of Darkness and a fair study of the world. When, exactly, the gaming community will have the opportunity to witness a new toy – so far remains a mystery, but known available platforms – PC and Xbox One, so that their owners were more fortunate than others who have to wait not only the release of the game, but also able to run it on a different console. And when the game comes out you will be able to download Below via torrent.

- The fundamental feature of the game can be considered death. The main character – a wanderer, his final death, no reviving altars, and reboot the game will not save, as the AutoSave will not return to the wanderer. After a couple-three years on the island comes the same adventurer on his head, which will be the eyewitness of all of the discoveries made by his predecessor. This open door and what is left from defeated monsters, and after wandering around the island and the remains of a former pilgrim to find, a little posokrushatsya is to take things away from him, he doesn't need, and the beginner will come in handy.
- About this project gamers it was reported back in 2013, when the conference was held E3. Then was the analogy with the game Rouge Legacy, where the principle was much the same – cleaning out the dungeon after the pre-death in it.
- The similarity is there, but the quality differences are obvious. First, in search of "treasures" is not the heir, but just the same, the seeker, the fact that a minor, but still! But, secondly, making the game more will, it's eerie and dark dungeons, Packed with a variety of mysteries and not fewer monsters. And thirdly, the graphic and music components are made with such a fine sense of quality and balance that will not remain indifferent nobody.

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