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Empyre Lords of the Sea Gates (2017) PC torrent

08.06.2018, 18:56
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel I3 3240 3.4 GHz
Video Card: DirectX 10, Geforce 650
Disk space: 10 GB

The development team of Coin Operated Games, which included natives of the world's top companies, decided to please the gaming community with their brainchild called Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates. In this adventure, players will plunge into the neo-Victorian era and see what people have been doing since the ocean level rose to a critical level and flooded most of the land. People were able to adapt to new conditions, but now there is a problem of finding purified water, which has become almost the most precious resource.

The American era
Despite the fact that the game has an interesting atmosphere, it still conveys the whole atmosphere of new York in the period of 1911. Style of clothing, worldview and many other areas, all presented in the most detailed format and offers to feel those times. And if you want to quickly go into this story, we offer you just download Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates via torrent for free.

Empyre Lords of the Sea Gates – role-playing game with turn-based battles and tactical interaction. You have to take control of a small group of people who want to turn the situation around and give ordinary people a happy life. And whether they succeed or not, it will all depend on you. We wish you good luck!


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