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03.02.2016, 16:37
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Only gamers all over the world began to get pleasure from the October release 2014 – hardcore action fantasy "Lord of the Fallen", as representatives of the German company "Deck13 Interactive" stated that the development is already the second series of the game. The franchise was quite predictable, based on the success of the first part. About the game "Lord of the Fallen" positively voted the most critics. For the month of realization of the game fully paid off all development costs, bringing in the cash project over thirteen million dollars.

On the development of the sequel became known from Tomasz Gopa, who produced the edition of the first part and is also known for fantasy horror "the Witcher 2" where he also acted as producer. Tomasz GOP in an interview, officially announced the commercial success of the first part and the initial stages of development continue. The exact release date of the game, unfortunately, were not named, but presumably it: November – December 2015. The game will continue the storyline that began in "Lord of the Fallen", but to significantly improve the sound and graphics, add more features to the main character and to enhance artificial intelligence.

Thus, completion of the full development of the first part "Lord of the Fallen", the developers are already preparing a sequel. A reasonable business move and good news for fans of the game, as they are after the first part and only think about when can you download Lord of the Fallen 2 torrent.

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