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Lost Ark online (2017) PC torrent

16.02.2016, 07:13
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When people talk about such games as Lost Ark online, make sure you remember Diablo. This instantly informs us that we Hack and Slash with the top view. The project hails from Korea, development is lead by Tripod Studio, promotion company Smile Gate, which gamers know due to Cross Fire. And the video presentation of the Lost Ark clearly shows that the new drug has chances to reach the popularity of the shooter and even surpass it. It is very beautiful and dynamic! In General we recommend to play this game.

Is responsible for the beauty of the Unreal Engine 3. Yes, he appeared about 10 years ago, it did really good, for the concept of the Lost Ark is a perfect choice. The dynamics responsible for a variety of opponents — there are robots, reptiles, some supernatural beings, etc. — as well as classes: mage, Archer, fighter, warrior. In other words, will the battle with cold, hot and magical weapons. All are backed by a huge helping of special effects, so that sin does not download Lost Ark online via torrent on your computer.

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