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The Soul Keeper (2017) PC torrent

15.02.2016, 23:47
The Soul Keeper (2017) poster

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The mystery is tightly envelops the Soul Keeper. Thanks to the dictionary it is known that the name translates as "Keeper of the soul", and thanks to the developers, the Studio HELM of American Systems that used the Unreal Engine 4. Well at least that the developers in February 2015, pleased with several screenshots. You know, the project looks tempting.

Apparently, this Action/RPG. Almost without a doubt say that the plot is non-linear, open world, there's magic weapons a lot. Hard to argue that a hero will need to manage in the third person, however, many agree that this is so. The platforms developer says nothing, but the lack of a PC version is difficult to imagine. By the way, the company HELM Systems on the market since 2005, and download The Soul Keeper torrent need because this is her first project and it may not be very.

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