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Simulators Games PCDownload Simulators games through a torrent of 2021 and 2020 we encourage everyone, as they are remarkable in that let you feel like a racer, a pilot – driving any vehicle, or the owner of a football team, Yes, the simulator is not only control in any kind of transport. The best simulator we have everything available completely for free, and they are different – for example, the economic dimension, as Virtonomics, or devoted to the reflection of real life in virtuality – as Sims.

The highlight of simulators lies in their emphasis on realism – that is the most accurate reproduction of the characteristics of a particular region, tied to specific disciplines. Yes, of course, full of feelings you get, but the developers are trying to have the greatest approximation. If this is a racing simulator – the dynamics of movement and behavior consistent with the real car, if this is a simulator of business management, there are all the necessary ingredients.

Simulation relations are often include the following technical elements: a time limit, several parameters like appearance, charm, etc., which can be increased through exercise, or "attraction meter" which can increase or decrease, depending on the actions of the character. Become very popular in recent years, online simulators of tanks World of Tanks . Feature of this game is the realism of team battles, the degree of control over the movement of the tank, the shooting, the possibility of communication with the team via voice or normal chat. The similarity of this game have World of Warplanes and World of Warships . Despite the fact that the games of the military genre a lot (military simulation genre, however, is somewhat less), to surpass WoT in popularity no one can. The iconic game of this genre: TheSims, FIFA, Minecraft, Need for Speed, World of Tanks, Silent Hunter, Civilization, Train Fever. » Simulators

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