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Automobile Tycoon (2018) PC torrent

10.10.2017, 20:42
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System requirements:


Operating system: Win XP
And also: Keyboard, mouse

Automobile Tycoon- a simulator of a car company in which you develop, produce and sell cars. Before you turn-based game, which covers the history of the automobile in the period from 1905 to 2020.

Key features:
1. Emphasis on the development of automotive company (not car design)
The game focuses on three main tasks faced by any manufacturer in the development, manufacture and sale of cars. I tried to balance each of these aspects so that they all had an equal share in the gameplay. First, your "engineers" to design details and overall design of the car, then you realize its Assembly, simultaneously upgrading and expanding production, and then you focus on selling, using marketing techniques. Along the way, you need to resolve secondary issues like taxes, Bank loans, etc.
2. A fast paced game (for a mere 400 moves covered 100 years of history automotive industry)

All this for the sake of the game did not feel constricted. For one course is three months, but because it looks pretty dynamic. And if to consider that here there are real historical events (world wars, economic crises), then you have to adapt your strategy.
I also used a mechanic that reduces the need for micromanagement, and tried to create a user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly make important strategic decisions. In General, Automobile Tycoon download torrent we suggest clearly to all.


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