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05.07.2018, 21:47
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP or newer
CPU: 1500 MHz
RAM: 512 Mb
VRAM: compatible with OpenGL
DirectX: 8.0
Free space: 2 GB

And many children, and many adults would not give up their own castle. However, the kids need it, rather, for fun games in which there is an enemy, storming the fortress, and the soldiers boldly defending it. Most adults would prefer to have a castle to enjoy the exquisite scenery and interiors, bask by the pool... Game Castle Story by Sauropod Studio definitely fits all. It has two modes. The first allows you to fight, the second-to build.

Made Castle Story mainly in voxel style. Represents a sandbox strategy project. If we talk about the survival mode, the main characters are funny yellow creatures bricktrons (bricktrons), they own a castle, which would like to assign a corruption (sorruption). The player can be called the architect and commander of the fortress. He needs to take care that the walls were reliable and at the same time allow soldiers to apply a variety of tactics. Brittany and corruption use swords, bows, shields, and even catapults, and they have magic. It lies in the special sources of the auras.

If you dare to download the torrent Castle Story you will see that the events of Castle Story unfold on the flying Islands. As noted, they are made of voxels, or, to put it very simply, the graphics of the cubes. This allows for a lot of manipulation of the landscape. For example, you can create a mountain tunnel. However, the main thing that the walls of the castle were thicker, after all, the corruption will return more than once or twice. Every assault here is called a wave. Figuratively speaking, the war begins with a slight ripple, but gradually the fighting turns into a real tsunami!

If we are talking about the sandbox mode, here you can safely remember Minecraft and build everything that comes to mind. For example, it is easy to build a classic medieval castle, and something futuristic. But whatever the structure, in any case, it is important to remember about gravity and other natural forces. So, if the Foundation is weak, you should not even expect to build something huge. Yes, physics in Castle Story takes not the last place.


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