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Cyborg Arena (2018) PC torrent

06.10.2017, 21:07
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System requirements:


Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon x2 6400+
Video card: nVidia 7600 / ATI-AMD 2600 c 1GB VRAM
Disk space: 1 GB

Cyborg Arena is a single-player first-person shooter with a large-scale map for the study and two mini-locations for quick fights. You'll fight with the androids in a post-apocalyptic world in the style of cyberpunk!

Navigate through terrain on its own buggy to collect scattered around the map items and weapons, use destructible objects to lure cyborg into a trap and destroy their commanders!

Locations for quick battles constitute an arena in which from time to time there are different bonuses that give temporary invincibility, infinite ammo, increased speed, the ability to perform higher jumps and so on... all this will help you fight off waves of cyborgs as long as possible.

You available a wide range of weapons including automatic shotguns, laser rifles, assault rifles and other weapons, each of which can be enhanced by using explosive cartridges. Themselves cyborgs equipped with weapons and melee.

The game has system of achievements, support for Steam Cloud and game controllers Xbox, as well as detailed graphics settings, allowing you to play in 4k.


Trailer / Gameplay:


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