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Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS (2018) PC torrent

09.11.2017, 23:07
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3 2GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics card: Dedicated graphics card with 1GB memory
Disk space: 2 GB

Flashing Lights – a simulator of emergency services, in which you can play either alone or in the company of other gamers in multiplayer mode. Join the police, ambulance or fire service and move forward in each of these roles, opening up new missions and rewards. Each Department has its own vehicle, equipment and skills. Players can join a team to manage the many challenges in the open world. Flashing Lights will be available on both PC and Mac, and download Flashing Lights torrent free you will be able very soon.

Police, which usually first appears at the crime scene, equipped with the most fast cars and a set of special equipment. The tasks of the police include both the issuing of Parking tickets and the pursuit of dangerous suspects. Law enforcement will do everything possible to prevent crime and punish the perpetrators.

The role of the fire service is not only repayment of the fire, because they work closely with emergency services, inspecting the crashed car and pulling out victims that the doctors were able to provide them first aid. Firefighters will not be to prosecute criminals, as their main goal is the elimination of the consequences of various incidents and of course, fighting the fire.

To rescue citizens trapped in houses in which raging fires, you'll need special equipment:
- Hydraulic rescue tool
- Axe
- The fire hose
- Fire extinguisher
- Fire truck

Unite with other players in online mode and share teams of three. Go on calls in the open world. Work together to help citizens affected by accidents, or to get rid of the consequences of the chase at high speeds.

You will receive a notification about cases of emergency, and after each successful completion of the mission and your Department will earn experience points. The better you zarekomenduete himself, the more dangerous and more complex new mission. But if you can't handle them, don't be surprised that your personal rating will start to go down.

In the game Flashing Lights created a realistic open world in which time. Busy streets and the quiet country towns form a rich and full details world. A well-thought-out physics makes police chases more exciting, because the cause of the damage they can not only suspects, but also you.

In these screenshots you can see the work we have done on the creation of the city. The final size of the world map should be several times more, and it will include various locations, including the beach, the countryside with farm fields and suburban neighborhood with luxury mansions.

Watch how the city was changing and the behavior of its citizens by nightfall. At this time of day, nature of emergency calls is changing because traffic is dispersed and all over the city open bars – often you will encounter fights and the consequences of driving under the influence. In General, the game promises to be interesting. so download Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS torrent the Russian version we have every.


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