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04.02.2019, 20:54
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It is safe to say that somewhere at the end of this year will open the opportunity to download torrent Foundation free-urban simulator dedicated to the Romanesque and Gothic architecture, because we are talking about the middle Ages. But do not expect primitiveness, because the developer, a young canadian company Polymorph Games, drew the best from such classics as Settlers, SimCity, Anno, Crusader Kings. IIt becomes clear that it is not only about construction, in the Foundation should be war and the development of new territories.

To implement the ideas, including brand new ones, the company has created a unique engine, which was named Hurricane Engine. Thanks to him, the gamer will be able to make the blocks unique, and therefore, to build even the avant-garde by the standards of the time the building. It is also interesting that the zoning will be done with a brush: the smear here is the area of the settlement, the smear there is the area of mining, and there you can create a closed zone.

What else is remarkable? Although the game is construction, it reflects the social side. So, depending on the development of relations with peasants, clergy and nobles will be provided with certain buildings and structures.

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